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1. JOIN. If you would like to claim a model as the subject of your icons, you must first join the community.

2. CLAIM. Once you have joined the community, please see the claims thread. Make a post in the claims thread, stating which model you wish to icon. You must wait for approval from the moderators before you post any icons. We are busy, so please be patient.

3. NO DOUBLE CLAIMING. You may not claim a model who is currently claimed. However, when the model becomes available again (within 2 months), we will alert you. Please be patient. There may be several people waiting for one model.

4. MEET THE DEADLINE. Once you have received your model, you will be granted posting access. You have 2 months to complete 100 icons. If you do not complete your icons within the 2 months, you will be contacted via e-mail or LJ comment. If you do not reply within 48 hours, your model will be released.

5. USE THE THEMES. Please make one icon for each of the themes. These themes can be loosely interpreted, so have fun with them! The remaining icons are up to you, so long as they contain your model. Do not repeat themes within one set of 100 icons.

6. ONE CLAIM AT A TIME. You may only claim one model at one time. Once you have completed a batch of 100 icons, you may choose another model. You may not choose the same model twice, but you may choose a model that someone else has iconed in the past.

7. QUALITY. Please make new icons for this challenge. Put time and effort into your creations.

8. ONLY POST ICONS. Do not make new posts in this community, unless you are posting a new batch of icons. Posts that do not include icons will be deleted. If you have questions or comments, please post them in this thread.

9. FORMAT. You may post your icons all at once, or in installments. Please post behind an lj-cut, with 2 or 3 icons as teasers. Fakes cuts must be clearly labeled, as must mature content. Use this format for your posts:

MODEL: Gemma Ward
BATCH: 1, icons #81-86
THEMES: sexy, laughter, extraordinary, doll, summer
PROGRESS: 86 of 100 complete
ADDITIONAL INFO: comment & credit allthepeople


1. Does my subject have to be a model?

Yes. This community is strictly for model icons. There are other icon challenge communities for television shows, movies, actors, musicians, anime, etc.

2. Does my model have to be popular?

No! So long as you can find an adequate number of pictures of your model, it does not matter whether he or she is famous or unknown.

3. Does my model have to be female?

No! Your model can be of any gender, race, culture, age, or style. Beauty comes in many different forms. That said, your subject must be a model by profession. You cannot use actors, television personalities, musicians, etc. There are other communities for that.

4. Where can I find a model?

Popular websites include Supermodels.nl, Style.com, Models.com, Fashion Model Directory, and New Faces. Also try various model agency websites.

5. Where can I find pictures of my model?

The websites listed in the answer above are very helpful for finding pictures. Communities such as hires_hotties, hires_hunks, and modeljunkies have high resolution pictures. Also try Google and Yahoo searches.

6. Can I use a model that someone else has already used?

Yes! Models can be claimed mulitple times. However, only one person may claim a certain model at one time. If you would like to claim a model that is currently claimed for a challenge, please comment in the
claims thread. We will notify you when that model is available. That said, we encourage you to choose new subjects.

7. Can my community be an affiliate?

Yes! If you run an icon challenge community, or a community that has something to do with models, please comment in this entry with your information. We are always looking for new affiliates. Please do not ask us to become affiliates with your regular icon journals or communities.

8. How did you make that icon? Where did you find that brush, texture, or font?

This is NOT a tutorial community. Nor do we provide brushes and image packs. If you want to improve your icon-making abilities, try icon_tutorial. If you are looking for brushes and textures, 100x100_brushes has a great selection. If you need new fonts, dafont.com and SearchFreeFonts.com have thousands.
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